Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking operates through seven business lines: Business Enterprise Solutions, Commercial Finance Group, Multi-unit Insured, Specialized Finance, Equipment Leasing, Credit Union and Concentra Trust.

Business Enterprise Solutions

Business Enterprise Solutions (BES) provides commercial real estate solutions for small businesses. The BES team works with independent commercial mortgage brokers and agents to serve entrepreneurs, business operators and real estate investors in the purchase of mixed-use (storefront), retail office and strip plazas, multi-residential, retail/office condominiums and commercial/industrial properties.

Commercial Finance Group

The Commercial Finance Group partners with other large institutions and mortgage investment corporations to finance large, sophisticated commercial mortgage transactions across Canada. By teaming up with other like-minded organizations, Equitable provides a reliable source of funding on a variety of transactions, including bridge loans, construction facilities and asset repositioning transactions. The Bank’s four-decade long history of success as a commercial lender is built on in-depth market knowledge and an efficient underwriting process, both of which allow it to maintain a high level of service to our customers and partners.

Multi-Unit Insured

The origination of multi-unit insured loans are limited under the Canada Mortgage Bond program by the allocation of limits by Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation to each lender.

Specialized Finance

Specialized Finance group offers secured financing solutions to specialty lenders to finance their growth. These loans involve lending to mortgage investment corporations and other specialty lenders that have a solid history of performance backed by prudent lending formulas and where we benefit from strong collateral coverage consisting of senior secured positions over diversified pools of mortgages and loans.

Equipment Leasing (Bennington Financial Group)

Bennington Financial provides unique and innovative commercial vehicle and equipment leasing services to small businesses across Canada.

Concentra Trust

Concentra Trust is a federally regulated subsidiary of Concentra Bank and is the 7th largest trust company in Canada. A national trust company with more than 70 years’ experience, it provides tailored solutions for corporate trusts, Indigenous trusts, estates and personal trusts, as well as registered plan trustee services.

Credit Union

Concentra Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Equitable Bank. Concentra Bank is a Schedule I Bank and the largest provider of wholesale banking solutions and partnerships for the majority of credit unions (outside Québec) and their approximately six million members. Concentra Bank offers tailored treasury services, commercial lending and leasing, securitization, foreign exchange, and other financial products, where credit unions can pass on offerings and value to their members.

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